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23 Feb

Artistic Ride with DONNA BERNSTEIN

A brief definition of an artist would be that of a person who likes to create drawings or paintings as a profession or as a hobby. But the reality is more complex than that.

For us an artist is a person whose talent can create beauty in different forms and shapes and who uses it to send powerful messages and create change in the same time. And art can be found in all fields ranging from technology, writing, cooking, painting or sculpture where imagination and creativity are the artisans of beautiful and useful works.

In FM24 we have focused a lot on the art of fashion but right now we are going to step a bit aside and focus our attention on artist Donna Bernstein, an American painter who chose art as a form of self expression and communication with the world.

What is specific and captivating about Donna’s works is that the central ellement of her works is the representation of horses. The nobility and class of these animals has inspired Donna to dedicate her talent to immortalising their beauty in drawings and paintings.

Donna’s works are simple, fluid, dynamic and with a touch of modernism.Her goal is to connect the eye of the watcher to the symbol of the horse rather than to the anatomic details of the animal itself or as she states: “It is not horses that I paint, I paint the way they make me feel.

The connection between Donna and the horses started in early childhood when she felt deeply attracted to understanding more and more about these special animals. For Donna , a horse is “a source of healing, energy and life-affirming joy” and “the form of the horse is an unlikely blend of pure sensuality wrapped in a natural architectural anatomy”.

Donna Bernstein: “My art is not simply making pictures of horses, rather it is a sharing of my experience of their profound life energy. Anatomical accuracy blended with spirited imagination informs my work. If I am painting without a brush I ink-drip the horse’s form onto a flat canvas, directing acrylics, water-based inks and pigments with alchemic spontaneity. I now know how horses move.”

It is needless to say that apart paintings, Donna has been involved also in horse racings and recently has expanded her work to fashion like creating scarves, accessories and equestrian jewelry….just other types of art renderring the beauty, power and delicacy of horses.

FM24 has been mesmerised by Donna’s works, by her devotion to these beautiful animals and to sharing their beauty through works or art available for art lovers.

And like a true artist, Donna is also sharing a message to us all, through her art – respect the wild life on the planet we inhabit and learn from the greatness of horses how to be powerful, elegant and beautiful while keeping the inner integrity untouched and the nature and evironment unharmed.

Artist: Donna Bernstein www.donnabernstein.com / @dbartist Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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