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2 Feb

Illustrations by artist Olga Goloborodko

Olga Goloborodko is a fashion illustrator based in Kaluga, Russia.
Although her education background is the law school, she has turned recently to her childhood vocation of illustrator.
Since a little girl she has been attracted to fashion drawings from glossy magazines.

One year ago Olga decided to move one step further and start studying how to create fashion illustrations herself.
After making drawings first with watercolor paper, liners and pencils she came to the conclusion that she wants to develop more in this area so she purchased herself a graphic tablet.

Nowadays Olga is implementing her ideas for fashion magazines, designers and stores bringing a touch of colorful and joyful comics to fashion shootings, models, fashion items and fashion campaigns.So whenever you see a glossy comic drawing inside a fashion publication … pay more attention as it might be one of Olga’s works!

Givenchy Fashion Show
Portrait of Tyra Banks

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