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3 Jan

Let’s st(ART) 2022!

2022 has begun with a strong worldwide vibe for a new year filled with wishes ready for accomplishment!

As everybody’s socials appeared, people’s thoughts gravitate towards freedom, beauty and much love for a complete life.

So we want to give a good artistic start by a quick look over Art Basel which ended 2021 fabulously with the exhibit of so many works of established and emerging artists.

Today we want to present a butterfly of the contemporary art, Elizabeth Sutton, who has been visited during her expo in Miami by one of our journalists, Anna Estrin.

Art Basel is a place to meet incredible artists, designers and get inspired by their work. Such was the meeting with the young Jewish artist Elizabeth Sutton from New York, who created live paintings for guests of the Alice + Olivia boutique.

She has a long-standing friendship and joint projects with this brand. Elizabeth’s pop artwork has been compared to Andy Warhol and Forbes has listed her as one of the best small business start-ups in the United States, calling her “an artist and designer to know here and now.”

“A charming, energetic woman with an open heart who looks at this world with open eyes and radiates goodness. That’s how I saw her.” – Anna Estrin

Since she entered the rank of professional artist, she has gained a vast audience on her Instagram and thus new clients such as Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Andrei Bocelli, Karolina Kurkova, Iris Apfel, Pitbull.

Elizabeth works with many fashion brands and produces joint collections with them. A few years ago, she launched a capsule collection of luxury accessories for girls with Bari Lynn Accessories, which featured in the Bergdorf Goodman holiday collection, and later on with the holiday collection of headbands and accessories.

For Eden Rock, Sutton made two limited edition clutches for her boutique.

Having created many projects for interior design, games, art installations, Elizabeth came up with the idea of ​​making her collection.

The designer used high-quality Italian leather with 11 individually colored dyes and embossing in her first capsule collection. Each bag was sewn using ten unique thread colors.  Used six different shades of red edging, and custom brass fittings were plated with gold, in the form of a special display of the Sutton brand symbol, the butterfly. Each handbag was lined with lining, with a personalized image of one of Elizabeth’s most famous paintings, “Buy Yourself Roses.”

The collection has become something new and unique, and it gives a feeling of comfort and uniqueness to each owner. Luxury, timelessness, and perfect color combinations – all this is Elizabeth Sutton.

She now has a continuous line of accessories that includes clutches, bags, belts, and luggage tags. Each of her products is packed in an individual box to get real aesthetic pleasure from her works of art.

We can say with confidence that Elizabeth Sutton is a genuinely contemporary art artist who is dedicated to her work and covers various directions, tirelessly striving to achieve her dream of making people happier.

She likes to repeat: “Life is not always a rainbow and butterflies, but my art is like that.”

Article by: Anna Estrin @annieestrin – fashion journalist Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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