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12 Apr

The Artsy Life of London

A work escapade to London … is always a good idea! Following Fashion Week season, the FM24 team has returned to the unique London for a new “art pilgrimage”. A complex experience which has inspired this month’s feature for April 2022, entitled “The Artsy Life of London”.

The hectic days in London were coloured as always by museum and art gallery tours, city sightseeing, great restaurants and English pubs, fashion events to discover UK brands … and some cool artistic surprises prepared for FM24 by its partners in the UK.

Today we are going to feature a mix between the images prepared for the editorial feature of the month and the events FM24 has been invited to and which have inspired our coverage.

These events are the two hour online drawing class exploring haute couture by designer Ella Davies organized by the team of Drawing Cabaret Couture formed of Matthew Lawrence and Janet Mayer and the cabaret show from Proud Embankement featuring professional dancer, and CEO, Janet Mayer.

We can call the entire experience prepared for FM24 Magazine by the Drawing Cabaret Couture team an incursion into the specific of London artistic life: the cabaret shows and the beauty of drawing and painting classes.

During the day of the drawing class artists joined the drawing class to let their imagination run wild by the bespoke set design created by Matthew Lawrence, modelled by industry leading agency models and professional dancers CEO Janet Mayer and model Gemma Huh. The results that came out of the artists talented hands were astonishing.

The 4 pieces collection presented was inspired by the designer’s visit to the Ross fountain in Edinburgh in Scotland where she saw these stunning Aloja’s, women who express fertility and beauty, found within Catalan mythology.

The shapes are extracted from ancient fertility symbols and the fabric is vintage upholstery material to represent the gorgeous detailing of the fountains exterior.

Following the drawing class day, FM24 has continued its artistic experience with the cabaret show from Proud Embankement in London where the J’Adore la Vie troup featuring Janet Mayer has performed on stage two incredible cabaret acts as a part of the Proud Cabaret All Stars shows.

A truly amazing experience to watch the talented cabaret artists performing their diverse acts in the glamorous location from Proud Embankement while serving delicious food treats and drinks.

A cocktail of dances, theatrical fun speeches, fire shows, burlesque and pin-up acts were a delight for the public ready to have loads of fun and enjoy a unique evening in beautiful London.

To conclude it all up: London is a state of mind! The city carries enormous amounts of culture, original views upon fashion and art events that can be experienced at their utmost excellence only in the British capital.

A personal FM24 view: We were mesmerized by you, your people and your energy, London! Cannot wait to be back and taste more of your originality!

Production & location for the drawing class: Drawing Cabaret Couture – @drawingcabaretcouture @dcc.studios
Designer: Ella Davies – @elladavies._
Photography & lighting: Lucy Feng @lucyfengofficial
Set Design: Matthew Lawrence- @mglawrence Cabaret show: J’adore La Vie performing on the stage of Proud Cabaret in the location of Proud Embankement in London Article by: Fashion Magazine 24 – Stay tuned for more art & fashion news!

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