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6 Nov


Tim Walker and his exhibition of ‘Wonderful Things’

Your weekly dose of art comes with an amazing subject today:  the exhibition of British photographer Tim Walker called Wonderful Things which is being held at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London.

Tim Walker is a British photographer who has been working with magazines such as British Vogue,W and LOVE. With quite an amazing resume, Walker worked with great fashion photographer Richard Avedon, as his assistant in New York. When he came back to the UK he started doing documentary work for newspapers but later he shot his first Vogue cover at the age of 25.

Back to the exhibition. It is quite a big one featuring Walker’s work throughout the years but also 10 new projects which were inspired by some of the art items in the museum.

In a statement issued by the museum the photographer said: “The V&A has always been a palace of dreams – it’s the most inspiring place in the world,” “Many of the objects that I saw during my research at the museum made my heart swell and I wanted to try to create a photograph that would relate not only to the physical presence and beauty of that object, but also my emotional reaction to it.”

The exhibition is like a maze. You enter room after room and each one is so different and has a whole other energy which makes you feel that the work was done by different artists. The first room has a really calm ambient with pictures and text about Tim’s childhood and how he got into photography. There are 10 rooms in total.

The first part of the exhibition has portraits of some of the biggest people in the fashion industry, like Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen.

There are also a lot of pictures from the editorial shoots that he has done for Vogue and other fashion magazines. Walker calls fashion photography the “dream department” and says that: “When you’re a fashion photographer everything is an illusion for the start. Nothing is real.”

There is a section dedicated to the muses of Tim Walker and it has pictures of people like British actress Tilda Swinton and artist Grayson Perry.

Those who went to the exhibition had the amazing opportunity to see in person one of McQueen’s dresses from his “Horn of Plenty” collection.

The whole concept of the exhibition looks like a dream, you feel like you embark on this journey inside Tim Walker’s extraordinary imagination and you don’t want it to come to an end but unfortunately you have to but not to worry, the last room has a positive message for all of us who don’t like endings.

Article by Victoria Lupascu
Edit by FM24

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