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24 Feb

“Amazonas” by ROSSI TUXEDOS

11th of February 2020, New York – Argentinian brand Rossi Tuxedos presents its last collection in the somptuous Argentinian Consulate from New York.

Elegance, tailored suits, latino sensuality and glam cuts – in one word “Amazonas” collection by Rossi Tuxedos.

The mythical “Amazona” or Amazon is the archetype of the inimitable style defining the creative force behind ROSSI TUXEDO’s, Paola Rossi. Consistently inspired by strong women, Rossi transports the audience to a time when women are true equals to men, as the Amazonas were to their male counterparts.

Just like the Amazona broke the warrior mold, ROSSI breaks with the tradition that tuxedos are solely for men.

For her Fall-Winter 2020 Collection debut, “Amazonas,” ROSSI creates the evolution of the woman. The looks flow from classic, to disruptive, avant-garde, to finally the Amazona, beautifully reformulating what it means to be a woman.

There’s no denying the fact that ROSSI has an architectural background. Her Fall 2020 Collection features many tuxedos with gold and silver metallics, inspired by her architectural work, and the precise construction of each garment truly elevates her creations. 

Perfectly tailored silhouettes are upended with dramatic floor sweeping sleeves, striking capes and magnificent skirts creating the modern woman’s 3-piece suit. Also featured are ROSSI’s collection of boots in a mélange of metallics, shaft and heel heights. The supple leather of the shoes and the impeccable handsewn finishes of the suits underscore the craftsmanship, expertise and materials native to Argentina’s tradition of expert tailors and cobblers.

ROSSI constructs her garments to precisely fit the female form, allowing the tailoring to create form and function for the wearer, without tight restriction.

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