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11 Mar

Eclectic and UNDERAGE at London Fashion Week

15th of February 2020, London, UKUNDERAGE conceptual world showcases its latest Autumn- Winter collection during London Fashion Week.

This season’s muse is a futuristic time traveller, transported to a new dimension, unable to let go of her tangible memories and objects and leaving behind a footprint that can’t be erased. Thus, we are forced to examine our own impact on the world, both physical and spiritual.

Entirely designed and made in London, familiar fabrics return for AW20 from past seasons, including silicone, TPU coating and mesh. Meanwhile digital prints, CMYK screen prints and silk viscose devoré add layers of texture and pattern. Textiles created through melting and sealing represent the sense of ambiguity between reality and fantasy; almost as if one foot were on Earth and the other in a new dimension. As ever, sensual undertones run deep throughout the collection, as tattered garments cling and wrap around the body to deeply erotic effect.

Through some of the collection, AW20 gives new life to second-hand pieces through upcycling. Garments are deconstructed and reworked as a patchwork textile, then new patterns are cut and stitched; while shoes are deconstructed & manipulated into new shapes, revealing pieces that tread the line between old and new.
stand for the experimental youth; the few that dare to challenge conventions and break free from the boundaries of conformity.

UNDERAGE celebrate the sexually liberated and the empowered, underpinned by a playful spirit. From first sketch to final stitch, UNDERAGE is created in London, inspired by the diverse, rebellious hearts that rule the city. Defined by bold, striking prints and an unorthodox approach to traditional garment construction, UNDERAGE seeks to surprise, shock and subvert. Always youthful, often genderless, and suitably eclectic, we believe in the voracity of youth. For the misfits, the trailblazers, the misunderstood and the rebel spirits – We are UNDERAGE.

Photos taken by  fashion photo journalist: Mariana Cattoir @marianacattoir Press Team: Pariswalkers Fashion Times Network @pariswalkersfrance
London Fashion Week AW20 Director: Fashion Scout @fashionscout
Make up Artist : Solent University Toni& Guy

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