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12 Oct

Fashion Divison reunited at PARIS FASHION WEEK

September 2020, Paris, France – Under the Parisian skies, in the fairy location of Château de Bourron from Fontainebleau, during the favourite period of the year, the September Paris Fashion Week, Fashion Division Asia reunited designers to present the Spring-Summer 2021 collections.

Models catwalked gracefully while being lensed by photographer Christina Henningstad, for the five fashion designers invited: VAR-ERTE by Ryan Tendjena, Hanyutan by Cynthia Halim & Nabila Kaulika, AKSU, Anggia and ES-EM-EL.

Each of them has embraced a unique vision of approaching fashion: from cultural ego, originality, self-expression, edgy looks to street-fashion empowering the global environment care and sustainability.

Official event photographer: Christina Henningstad @christina_henningstad Press Team: Fashion Division @fashiondivision.asia.europe @fashiondivisionparis Designers: VAR-ERTE by Ryan Tendjena @var_erte, Hanyutan by Cynthia Halim &Nabila Kaulika @_hanyutan, AKSU @a.ks.u, Anggia @ambyanggiasari, ES-EM-EL @esemelofficial Make-up: Ecole de Maquillage @campusdesmaquilleurs Stylist: Christi Erning @christierning Sponsors: Saint Hars @sainthars.official, OBS vision @obvision, Awting @bridjahting Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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