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25 Apr


This 2020 spring start during Paris Fashion Week was marked by the fashion events produced by Fashion Week Studio in the iconic salon Vendôme from the Ritz Hotel.

As we got used by now, Fashion Week Studio organizes grand fashion shows and succeeds every time to reunite designers and create unforgettable events. Following up their success in Paris we are all expecting their platform’s expansion during the next seasons to other two major fashion cities of the world, New York and Milan. Therefore the future sounds bright and prolific for the fashion community as we can all be sure that they will soon cover all the fashion capitals of the world.

Going back to their latest runways from the 28th and 29th of February 2020 in Paris, we could all conclude that apart from the great production work FWS did, what they also managed was creating a real fashion “family”. The organizers welcomed their guests like models, artists, fashion bloggers , fashion magazine editors, photographers and fashion lovers with joy and warmth making everybody feel … like home! Yes, those days we all got magnetized again by Fashion Week Studio at the Ritz hotel which became our “fashion” home for two days in a row.

Beautiful collections from eye-catching artists amazed a numerous public within the somptuous walls of the Ritz. Awe-inspiring pieces from clothing lines set the tone for the grandiosity of the event.


Quiteria Atelier, the infamous architect of Beyonce’s royal green dress for the Global Citizen Concert, indulged in another overwhelmingly impressive collection. Delvin Mc. Gray, emanating prom project runway, made a case for his gift of exquisite design tastes.History was made as African-American couture house, House of Solana , divulged the first ever plus size clothing line to present in with Fashion Week Studio in Paris. The Perez sisters of Yolancris emanated their high-craft quality production. Guillermo Garcia and Miriam Budet ameliorated their already prodigious evening-luxe wear.Salvatore Pappacena displayed his external creative impulses through his newest line of ravishing gowns. The trailblazing, modern art of the Darkm0th Industry incited intense emotion throughout the audience. During the Fashion Week Studio Official production, RuaRua executed a glamorous take on garden elegance, residually colorful and seductive. Laura Abaya infused beads with culture through arresting modestwear debuting their prevailing collections for the season. Dressing her heiness, Sheika Moza and her daughters, Laura Abaya’s high-end modestwear this season redefined opulence. Vivian Moawad , with an exclusive Egyptian flair, took reign on the runway with paramount luxe. Naurah USA gave us works of art which unquestionably encompassed our expectations for both American-Indian heritage and style consistency; something which both fashion fanatics and the plentitude of notable guests who sat in the full house will certainly be familiarizing themselves with. Christopher Korey Collective, launching his first ever womenswear line, remained consistent and classy with a defined season. And finally, Festim Isufi, with his hallmark adornments for the female body, teeming with ardent sensuality. With hundreds of big-name dignitaries and models from the sartorial universe: Meggi Ndrio, Karolina Wozniak, Nandi Mbatha, as well as Julia Bark who sat wide-eyed at Quiteria Atelier, Ritz Vendome was the highest end of the must-see-place spectrum in Paris this week. Remaining enthralled by the array of unequivocal brilliance of these designers and their successes of the month, Fashion Week Studio Official’s showcase is unmatched.

SPONSORS: Weleda’s amazing team, Nina’s Marie-Antoinette’s beautiful tea boxes and jams, Moodiz splendid juice, Aux Deux Caneles incredible canelés, MAAP’s make-up brushes and styling our model’s facial looks, and the astonishing flower setting for the runway by Maison Sympathique with extraordinary clouds of flowers, and Estela Skin Care. We also thank Rehma Grace and her team, aswell as Cecilia Hair, Anna Grekova and Marina Semaeva from Style Solutions.

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