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13 Jan

Happy Birthday, THE MET !

January 2020 – The art world is celebrating! Metropolitan Museum in New York City has reached the beautiful “age” of 150 years old. A milestone in a provocative journey through the America’s preeminent cultural institutions.

A rich cultural past, a dynamic present and a bright future ahead. The MET is celebrating its “birthday” with exhibitions throughout 2020, events and new ways to connect with art.The highlights include Making The Met, 1870 – 2020, the reimagined British Galleries and a three day celebration in June.

Making the MET, 1870-2020 will be the centerpiece of The Met’s 150th anniversary celebrations.More than 250 superlative works of art of nearly every type will be featured: from visitor favorites to fragile treasures that can be only placed on view from time to time.Organized around transformational moments in the evolution of the Museum’s collection, buildings and ambitions, the exhibition will reveal the visionary figures and cultural forces that propelled The Met in new directions from its founding in 1870 to the present day.

So do not miss your chance to celebrate with The Met and enrich your cultural background one more time, surprises are waiting for you all year round starting right now. Happy birthday, The Met!

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