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14 Mar

LANDEROS New York A/W 2020

11th of March 2020, New York – Fashion knows no boundaries and Landeros New York A/W 2020 collection is a step towards turning up the dial for gender-neutral brands to influence a culture that is redefining labels.  

On March 8th, 2020 designer Andre Landeros Michel debuted his Night Transmissions collection at the Scandinavia House in New York City. The collection broadcasts an awareness of the world we live in. Night Transmissions is inspired by the sound of music that transcends through the decades that shaped present-day style. The genderless collection consisted of exaggerated silhouettes and details derive from new wave album artwork and 80’s nightlife subcultures. Imagining a late-night drive while turning the radio dial and hearing your favorite records ranging from pop, goth, and funk. 

“I have friends in the LGBTQ community and also Cis and Non-binary friends that segregation didn’t make sense for us to do a collection that served specifically for men or women. Landeros New York goes on record to say that we do one collection. If you want to call it genderless, if you want to call it non-binary, we welcome all those terms but we do one collection and we open it to everyone,” said Michel. 

Landeros New York also made sure to uphold their social responsibility and use recycled and sustainable materials throughout with a color palette ranging from plums and oxblood to charcoal and silver. For more information on the Night Transmissions collection and designer Andres Landeros Michel please visit www.LanderosNewYork.com .

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