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28 Feb


Fashion Show FALL-WINTER 2020-21 

“Fashion is a tiger’s leap into the past” Walter Benjamin, 1940 

Luisa Spagnoli’s fall-winter 2020-21 collection was inspired by this reflection. In a constant play of references from past to present, following what the German philosopher defined “a tiger’s leap”, Nicoletta Spagnoli has created a series of garments rich in fascination. These create the base for a relaxed and self-assured woman, in harmony with the Maison’s philosophy and with its founder, Luisa Spagnoli, who at the beginning of the 1900s, anticipating times, embodied the essence of emancipation.

A woman whose style represents femininity and freedom, and who, even when looking back, has a contemporary spirit. Thus, in an ideal balance between tradition and innovation, the brand’s timeless angora wool knit, is still the fil rouge of each collection. “The feminine archetype evoked by these creations blends ‘70s glamour with Renaissance inspirations and details ‘stolen’ from the Flemish painting masters” says Nicoletta Spagnoli.

As shown by the tweed pencil skirts combined with croc print belts; soft nappa pants tucked into on-tone boots; and a whole rainbow of empire-line angora knit dresses with wide gathered sleeves. Capes are one of the collection’s recurring themes, in which flashes of turquoise and lilac lighten the warm nuances of mustard and aubergine purple, beige and butter white.

“Supple, knee-length or longer, down to the calf” Spagnoli explains “these cloaks, though avoiding any chivalric mood, are far from futuristic, and rather recall the fascination of style icons such as Marisa Berenson or Mahogany’s Diana Ross (1975)”. Then, as elegance is all in the detail, an important role is played by accessories and bijoux. Next to pendent earrings and the long golden metal necklaces with the brand monogram, there are also interchangeable white organza collars and cuffs, attractive wide rim hats, kid-leather gloves reaching over the elbow, and finally Nicoletta, the newest bag in the collection: practical, capacious and sophisticated, hand-made in soft leather, and available in various shapes and colours. 


«Those who run towards the future forgetting their past, lose their own identity». These words, spoken by Nicoletta Spagnoli – CEO and President of Luisa Spagnoli, which she has lead since 1986 – perfectly recap the specific path which has carried the brand from Perugia to conquer the most elegant women on the international jet set, thanks to the irresistible appeal of Italian design. 

Through the generations, Luisa Spagnoli garments have always represented good taste. But, what makes them stand out them today is the ability to speak to women of all ages: a great challenge, which was won thanks to a constantly evolving creativity, a clear and recognisable style and aesthetic code, and to strong points such as timeless elegance and very high quality yarns and fabrics

The brand is thus going to be a main player during Milan Fashion Week, together with three outstanding guests: three women representing not only Luisa Spagnoli’s sophistication, but also the brand’s renewed energy

Olivia Palermo is not merely an actress, but most of all she is an international style icon. Casual and sophisticated at the same time, New York-based Palermo has been defined Queen of the Street Style: a reference for anyone in search of inspiration. 

Marica Pellegrinelli is an Italian model, able to enhance her statuesque beauty with a simple, natural and authentic style, with no show off. 

Filippa Lagerback started out as a model, later revealing her abilities also as showgirl and tv presenter. The Italian audience has grown to appreciate this eclectic, cheerful Swedish woman also for her commitment in informative campaigns. 

«These are three women who know what they want – says Nicoletta Spagnoli, fourth generation of a family lead company – They are solid and determined, but exude a very personal kind of grace. This is why I decided to invite them as guests in our fashion show. They create their own fashion for every occasion, either free time or social events: just as Luisa Spagnoli has always done. Sometimes we need just a detail to express all the nuances of our femininity». 

After all, Luisa Spagnoli is a deeply female company, in its essence: founded by a woman, currently led by a woman, it also has 90% of women employees, whose passion feeds their creativity, making a jewel out of every single garment. 

«Our best projects come from the love for what we have already done and the drive to create something new. And from our strongly placed roots in our original territory comes the wish to grow further. This is our vocation, driving our garments to conquer all women, of different tastes and ages. Luisa Spagnoli’s elegance is universal, given by self-confidence and a personal style. It’s for women who don’t wish to show off, but simply to be themselves». 

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