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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
Art Basel Miami Beach and the leaders of the world's fashion trends ...
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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
Art Basel Miami Beach and the leaders of the world's fashion trends ...
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16 Oct


4th of October, Paris, France – The numerous surprises of Paris Fashion Week do not stop happening every moment of the day.

PARIS POSH FASHION WEEK, a French platform for fashion designers successfully presented three international luxury designer brands for its Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week on the 4th of October 2021.

This season features extraordinary designers of diverse styles from across the globe who possess many years of expertise, not to mention, inspirational emerging talents. They presented their newest collection with Paris Posh Fashion Week at Salon il Palazzo Saint-Honoré Paris, right next to the famous Louvre Museum and Jardin de Tuileries, with Parisian socialites waiting for a runway presentation from the fabulous three designers.

The three designers that showcased their newest collections with Paris Posh are Lisa Wunderlich (Germany), Claire Elisabeth (USA), and Kenneth Barlis (USA).

The never-ending glamor of these three designers, highlight their unique talents in the world of Haute Couture and Ready to wear.


The opening show presented an extravagant ready to wear collection by the German fashion designer Lisa Wunderlich. Her creation has been inspired from the glorious era of the 30s, 40s and 50s, and they wonderfully transform into super-modern sophisticated garments, with the glamorous silhouette of tweed, touch of tulle and silk. Her premium collection made in EU can be worn during all seasons but are also sustainable. Lisa’s clothes reveal a whimsical ready to wear line, with wholehearted feminine shapes and lavish embellishments. At this Paris Fashion Week event, Lisa presented her Ready to Wear collection “405021CHIC” with the elegant pastel colour and her Haute Couture line “Dark”.  Her authentic know-how has turned her into an outstanding promising designer.

CLAIRE ELISABETH, USA – www.cleaireelisabethdesigns.com

A talented American designer Claire Elisabeth develop Haute Couture collection with her signature of Beads and Embroidery. She presented her newest Haute Couture collection with the theme “A’bheatha”, which means “life”, Claire wanted to celebrate life. Every single garment represents life and celebration. The fantasy of floral embellishments represents the new beginning of this season. Dandelion seed beading represents every desire that one would make, and the hope that this may come true. A’bheatha embodies the zest for life and hope for the future. Sturdy material and bold colorful patterns such as orange, pink, and blue from Claire’s masterpiece is a rare item in the ultra-modern sartorial world.  Her designs are simply elegant, regal. She pays great attention to detail not to mention her classy taste while choosing fabrics. Her impeccable craftmanship is genuinely obvious in her works and this highlights glamour of those who wear her creations.


The closing show presented Kenneth Barlis, celebrities’ fashion designer and Project Runway finalist based in San Diego and it brought the fusion of fashion trends and the diverse and rich culture of his native land Philippines, just like his inspiration for his magnificent Haute Couture creations. They came to life through this colorful, modern cutting, variety of high-quality fabrics.  Guests were amazed by his incredible designs and high standard craftmanship which deliver elegance and grace and bring this opulence all the way to the heart of Paris. Not only he provided luxury experience among A-list celebrities and models from around the globe, his dresses were also featured on several major magazines and also the music video of Janet Jackson, Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, not to mention, numerous red-carpet events.

We were witnessing the extraordinary embracement in the fashion industry, through the brilliant creations, and the diversity. They don’t shy away from creativity of self-expression. Making utterly thrilling and audacious clothes.


PARIS POSH FASHION WEEK, is a French platform for fashion designer, founded in Paris by Maria De La Roque, Business Historian for French luxury industry and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët-Hennessy) group, which focuses on the luxury market and luxury brand, produces exclusive fashion show runways, trade show and concept store. It takes great care in promoting the work of selected local and international designers, both established designers and emerging designers in the fashion, luxury capital of the world, Paris, during the Paris Fashion Week, and collaborates with major partner in luxury & fashion business. The event takes place twice a year in February/March and September/October. Paris Posh Fashion Week supported by Paris Posh PR & Communication Consulting which has been operating for the past five years with its prominent clients from luxury fashion houses, public figure, and celebrities.

Press & Production: Paris Posh Fashion Week www.paris-posh.com, @paris.posh Photo Credit: Leventstudio and Paris Shutter Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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