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24 Dec


Clothes like a home. A home like clothes.

The ANREALAGE Spring-Summer 2021 collection entitled “Home” and showcased digitally at Paris Fashion Week in September 2020 wowed the viewers with designs exploring new levels of fashion interpretation.

Kunihiko Morinaga for the Spring-Summer 2021 season explores the concept of fashion as a mobile home, interpreted through architectural garments based on six geometric shapes – sphere, tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron – made from a specially developed neon fabric with antiviral properties. 

Combining copper and polyester fibers with the Shikibo Ltd antiviral Flutect technology developed by the Biomedical Science Association (BLSA), the hi-tech fabric glows in the dark, spreading a message of hope and positivity. 

Set against the bucolic backdrop of Mount Fuji, the short depicts a triangular formation of brightly colored three-dimensional geometric tent structures popping against the green grass of a campsite. These tents come to life in outsized shapes – each based on a pattern measuring two meters wide, for socially distanced times – that deflate into a mix of period-costume-style pieces, such as voluminous shirt dresses and coats in graphic patchworks. 

Topped with impressive sculptural headpieces, each garment is also collapsible. Once laid flat, a tug on the strings turns it again into an item of clothing. Structured with boning, the transformed volumes are ruched and gathered with drawstrings to create cascades of flounces, adding majesty and romance to the looks. 

Designed by leading Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the collection’s headpieces double as lampshades. The futuristic transparent sneakers were designed in collaboration with Spingle Move, while a new bag line, ANEVER, based on around 10 shapes, melds handbags and square-shaped leather and canvas totes to translucent resin handles studded with dried flowers. 

This back-to-the-roots homecoming collection both revisits House signatures – geometric forms, light and patchworking – and plucks real-world elements unrelated to fashion, such as doctor’s uniforms and architecture, and transplants them into the Anrealage universe. A home to climb into and stay protected.  

Brand: ANREALAGE @anrealage_official Photos: Yoshiyuki Okuyama @yoshiyukiokuyama Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24

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