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8 Jan

“Le dernier papillon au monde” – FARHAD RE

A beautiful work of art, a wake-up call for the world is the message that the designer Farhad Re is sending to the world through his capsule collection suggestively named “The last butterfly in the world”.

The Planet is asking for help. Seeking to make fashion virtuous from its production to its dissemination, is no longer enough. We all have to scream, before nature dies, silently.

A symbol. This is how Farhad Re imagined the capsule collection, a strong recall that without a healthy nature, our culture would not exist. A flutter of butterfly wings capable of triggering a tornado on the other side of the planet? The metaphor is worn out, knowing that man is solely responsible for the annihilation of the living … What will happen then when the last wingbeat of the last butterfly in the world occurs?

The hope lies in art. Three months of work have been necessary for each creation, to be entirely cut, painted and embroidered by hand.

By transforming the woman into the most majestic of insects, a sublime chrysalis with bright and iridescent hues, emerging from pollution as a purified renewal dressed in creations made of silk, organza and recycled plastic that seems to come to life once worn like an extension of the flesh , Farhad Re wants to believe in the vital forces that herald more radiant auspices and delivers everybody an essential message: “Only Beauty Can Save The World!”

Photography: Greg Alexander for MÉPHISTOPHÉLÈS Productions
Art director: Sebastien Vienne
Hair & Make-Up: Carine Larchet for Eugène Perma & La Roche Posay
Model: Tiffany Fournier

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