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27 Jun


Simon Cracker SS '24

Simon Cracker presents its latest collection for SS ’24 at Milan Fashion Week – “Crack” is the sound of something breaking and is also the main concept where all starts: break something giving it new life.

The beautiful imperfection that makes us unique, the magic of mistakes and the necessity to create
without overproduce, giving new chance to what already exists: this is the Simon Cracker main
concept, and this is why we choose to upcycle (we create garments made from reworked clothes
instead of new fabrics, combined together in a new way).

Memories, both bad or good, without melancholy are the raw material of each collection.
Nothing is wasted, even what remains after a working day becomes something unique and

“We’re trying to find an alternative to a system that is old and harmful for us and the planet. What
ispires us is our love for clothes rather than the Fashion System itself. We made unique pieces or small quantities, always in an artisanal and sustainable production. Our target has no age, gender or specific economic spending power: they share a way of thinking, a little brave and outside the box.”

Press & PR: Maximilian Linz Stay tuned on FM24 for more fashion news!

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