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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
Art Basel Miami Beach and the leaders of the world's fashion trends ...
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20 Sep

The Exquisite “Tiempo” of GEORGINA JEWELRY

From Paris to New York and continuing to expand its wings around the whole world, Georgina Jewelry comes out this September with a spectacular collection of true pieces of art.

Georgina Jewelry debuted their 2021 collection “Tiempo” , on a new virtual platform by FNL Network during International Design Fashion Week on September 5th, 2020. This is the first time that Georgina Jewelry has showcased a collection with FNL Network.

The Georgina Jewelry 2021 Tiempo collection is unconventional and unique, focusing on a sophisticated and chic urban lifestyle for the woman of today. Tiempo means time to enjoy life, value what we have, be strong, and be our beautiful selves. What better way to show a zest for life than draping oneself in gold, silver, and jewels.

The Tiempo collection includes pieces that are wearable works of art, evolving from statement necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets into beautiful garments made of jewels, each in sterling silver or 24k plated gold.

Georgina Jewelry’s latest collection features not only pieces of jewelry, but clothing and accessories that make a statement at any event. Her gold chain tops featuring cascading leaf accents and fringe are highlights of the collection, to be paired with her new gold chain belt, headpieces, or handbags. Each featuring the signature Georgina Jewelry charm as accent pieces.

Georgina Jewelry is designed by Georgina Herrera. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces for runway shows and then tailors the design for ready to wear pieces. Herrera’s unique position as a second-generation member in an international jewelry manufacturing family allows her to efficiently execute and deliver a personalized high-quality product.

All Georgina Jewelry pieces are crafted in sterling silver and 24k gold-plated sterling silver. Georgina Jewelry pieces also feature gems from all over the world and the crystals from Swarovski. Georgina Jewelry can be purchased at www.georginajewelry.com , at Wolf & Badger in London, Alysa Rene Boutique, and Halls in Kansas City, or at the Flying Solo store or the Copper Room located in New York City.


Designer: Georgina Herrera  @georginaherreradesigner

Models:  Megan Baudry @meganbaudry , Vienne Boucard   @vienneboucard, Taylor Good  @t_notsogood, Kaitlin Hoeffner  @krhoeffner, Noelle Manica    @noellemanica, Rebecca Mardikes   @rebeccamardikes, Hanno Riak @h_riak, Cherice Richmond @chericerichmond, Victoria Strehlow  @victoriarosestrehlow, Anna Vollet @anna.vollett

Dior Makeup:   @diormakeup, @diorkansascity, Caro Benitez  @carobenitezn, Ana Maria Marmolejo @annismua

Claudina’s  Hair Studio: Claudia Cortez, @claudinasstudio

Photographers: Cameron Story   @cameronstory.photo

Videographers: Jerame Gray @jerame_gray, Josh Rizer                     @joshuarizer, Kyle Souryasack   @donnie_gato

Location:  Kansas City Museum    @kansascitymuseum

Network Chanel: Fashion News Lifestyle Network, @fnlnetwork

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