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24 Mar


It’s spring time in Paris, the time of nature, fashion “blossoms” and Paris Fashion Week events … and as we have already stated by now, even though the moments are limited in matters of physical interaction, the will to create is infinte and brands are unstoppable when it comes to ideas of putting beauty on a piedestal.

And this is exactly what Oscar De La Renta succeeded to do even during the times of digital Paris Fashion Week. It pursued beauty in an exclusive physical presentation of its Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

With a fashion legacy to continue of mixing the old and the new, retro classic looks with modernity, Oscar de la Renta proposed a theme that reminded us of the 1960’s when the Dominican designer used to dress the America’s first lady Jaqueline Kennedy.

With one colour mini dresses in retro nuances of soft pink, green or the all-time classic black, with “so 50’s” colourful and flowery midi dresses or black and white striped, squared tops with flared trousers, Oscar de la Renta is one of the brands who makes a comeback of the past into nowadays fashion with a “so 2021” look update.

President of the International Fashion Summit and DK Ambassador: Djamila Kerdoun – @dkambassador,
Director : Guillaume @personalsshopper75000
Models : Olesia KURISKO @olesia_paris, Stoyanka RADEVA @diamond_inthe_city, Masha RASPUTINA @masha_raspoutine
Hairstyling: Armida Ghazaryan @armida_hairstylist, Marie Mpembele @mariempembele
Make-up: Nataliia Baiurak @nata_bayu, Caroline Murphy @caromurphymakeup
Audiovisual Production: Paris Walkers Fashion Times @pariswalkersfrance @pwfashiontimes Photography & Fashion Film : Mariana @marianacattoir Article by: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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