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30 Mar

When art meets fashion – KENT STETSON

Who said paintings can’t be worn ?? A painting and a great accessory in the same time…Kent Stetson handbags are sure to spark fun conversations!

In 2003, after an exhibition of Kent’s computer-generated art failed to result in any sales, he decided to cut the pieces up and sewed them into bags.

They sold immediately. Fast forward, he started to sell in several hundred boutiques and specialty stores and enjoy a worldwide cult-following of collectors. Each piece is made in the brand’s atelier in Rhode Island. The beauty of each piece lies in the fact that the designer, still committed to craftmanship is still sewing and signing each piece by himself.

Art can happen in unexpected places. And a dressy outing accented with one of Kent Stetson pieces can often be an opportunity to make new friends.

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