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25 Jul

About couture and luxury with STEVEN BASSEZ

Having the occasion to enter an artist’s creative studio always feels like discovering a new world with new rules where a new type of life is formed. It does not matter we talk about a painter, a composer, a fashion or interior designer and the list can go on. There is always that vibe that you are privileged to enter into a very intimate, inspiring and unique place where ideas get born.

This is how a great visit to the studio in Paris of couture designer Steven Bassez, led to another captivating chat about French luxury, couture, present, future fashion trends and some personal insights.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: How would you describe yourself in only one word?

Steven Bassez: The word that best describes me is “Elsewhere” as in a different dimension and another reality.

2. Fashion Magazine 24: When did you start your career in fashion and how did you decide to create your own brand?

Steven Bassez: It all started in 2011 and the first collaborations in fashion were for Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton.

The idea to start my own brand came from the desire to materialize my passion for drawing and all the knowledge and experience acquired in fashion. Nowadays I can see that many young designers tend not to make the drawings by themselves anymore.I want to stick to that “old school” habit when a great design was conceived under the pen movement of a brand designer.

3. FM24: How would you describe your brand? What about your new collection?

Steven: Two words describe my brand: French Luxury. The designs are strongly connected to past due to the classic French quality learned from the big fashion houses but also to the future as I am constantly trying to develop new techniques and be innovative on the market.

About my new collection: it is a tribute to the spring season inspired by the vision of Botticelli. I love nature, its divine complexity, how everything is put in the perfect place, in the perfect way at the right time.

4. FM24: Do you have a muse?

Steven: Well, I do. I am inspired by women. And by women I do not refer to a specific type of beauty , body size, image, but to the personality, charisma and personal relation with each client.

5. FM24: What is your definition of ’fashion’?

Steven: Fashion for me is a very complex phenomenon. Not in the sense of launching new trends on the market but in the one of actually bringing it to life from scratch.

I have a very strong connection to the physical process of developing an idea from a paper sketch phase to the stage of a ready-to-wear garment. For this to happen the designer needs to understand each fabric, each colour, each pattern. He must make the best technical and artistic decisions to create exquisite fashion pieces that look great on the outside, on the inside and in the smallest details.

6. FM24: How do you think women should feel wearing your designs?

Steven: First of all a woman has to feel… good. Beautiful and comfortable in the same time. Even if the pieces are haute-couture, the design has to be light, easy and the woman should not feel like a prisoner while wearing it.

7. FM24: What is the best fashion city for you?

Steven: I would say Paris! You know, to rephrase a well-known quote…All fashion roads lead to Paris ! It is the capital of haute-couture. Fashion was born in the capital of France and it continuously represents a source of inspiration for all types of artists. I see it as the ideal place for me to spend my life and develop my brand.

8. FM24: What is the “must-have” fashion item you think a women should have?

Steven: The favourite fashion piece I like to create is the dress. I believe a light, flowy, fluid dress is the expression of the utmost feminity and is the “must-have” item from a woman’s wardrobe.

9. FM24: How do you see the future in fashion? What advice would you give to fashion designers?

Steven: I cannot really predict it but I can tell you what I wish for it. I really wish that classic craftsmanship will not be fully replaced by modern techniques. It is a priceless heritage that should continue to be learned by new designers and applied in fashion ateliers.

And my advice for new designers … considering Steven Bassez brand is a new haute-couture brand I would not feel entitled to give any particular business or artistic advice. Still, I would encourage artists to stay curious, be open to learning new techniques and embrace fashion discoveries.

10. FM24: And now, to bring up a theme of the moment in fashion, how did you find Digital Fashion Week?

Steven: Well, first of all, considering there was no possibility of choice at the present moment, me like all the other designers have tried to do the best we could for the Digital Fashion Week.

On a long term, I would not feel inspired to present my collections this way, therefore I cannot wait to go back to the physical fashion shows. We should not underestimate the live feedback of such events and the importance of the human interaction during the fashion weeks.

It is extremely important to build relationships between designers, models, buyers, media representatives, etc. and as much as some would try to convince themselves that only the digital way can work, it is surely not enough to build strong connections that last, bring a steady evolution and real trust in the fashion phenomenon.

Even in my work I prefer to discuss everything with my team rather than receive a list of questions and write the answer down for each of them in order to share my solutions.

Also in our interview today, I preferred to meet the FM24 team personally, have a great chat, exchange ideas and only afterwards share our vision to the readers and fans.

11.FM24: That is very true, Steven. Meeting people in person is a genetic heritage of our human nature, it contributed to the human evolution up to this point. In order to continue this, we should stick to this “habit” of seeing each other in person as much as possible.Human interaction is vital in all fields. FM24 is really happy to be one of those publication that loves to meet its partners and exchange valuable ideas.

Steven: Thank you very much, i feel the same way. I also love that we can share all these things with your fans.And you are welcome to visit us anytime, it is a real pleasure to have all of you here!

Reporter: Olga Khlybova-Gasnier @aglography
Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad
Special thanks to Totem Fashion @totem_fashion & Catwalksows Productions @catwalkshows Article edit by Fashion Magazine 24

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