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27 Jul


Izaura Demari, 79 years old, a Brazilian non-conformist fashion sensation, the greatest Brazilian fashionista today, discovered her passion for fashion with the help of her youngest son, Marcio Demari.

Together, they travel the world panning perfect clothes and hats to sign their posts and rehearsals, one more iconic than the other, and that make Grandma Izaura one of the greatest fashion influencers, becoming a role model for many ladies.

However, it was on Instagram, with more than 64 thousand followers @voizaurademari, with stunning looks and her robust hats, that the always well-dressed lady gained national and international recognition, working with more than 25 brands, including 2Rios, Comfortflex , Döhler, Joulik and Reinaldo Lourenço.

She has also participated in several TV programs, has been featured in more than 300 national and 80 international magazines and portals, among them she made news in Italy, France, China, and the USA, and paraded in SPFW by the Free Free Institute.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: One word about yourself would be…? 

Izaura Demari: Eccentricity.

2.FM24: Your definition for “fashion” is … ?

Izaura: The truth for me is that fashion can be classic, contemporary, modern, minimalist, cool, vintage or any other style that I am looking for a concept that fits my own everyday style for my editorials. My style is creative, my way, my color and with big hats, which, considerably, are my mark in my looks. I can go from handmade to sophisticated with my fashion, which I can say is authorial.

3.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your “MUST” item are ..?

Izaura: The most elegant city is Paris, I love the classic style! Paris means 365 days of fashion created alongside the catwalks, a festival of styles and creativity in freedom. Elegant or extravagant, tumultuous or precious, each neighborhood has its own mood and its version of fashion.

My favorite brand is Reinaldo Lourenço. He has been in the market since 1984 and specializes in women’s fashion, being among the leading designers in Brazil. With the work focused on haute couture, always transmitting cultural ideas and values to the public he serves.

The item that cannot be missing in my closet is the hat. I have a collection cataloged in more or less 720 hats. They are my brand within the style I have built.

4.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be … ?

Izaura: Inclusive fashion for everyone. It goes beyond clothes adapted for people who have some kind of difficulty and its objective is to simplify the act of dressing, taking into account the physical and psychological needs of each individual.

The main purpose of those who make inclusive fashion is to offer comfortable, simple and practical clothes for all types of bodies and audiences. That is, the intention is to facilitate the act of dressing, but without neglecting the beautiful and innovative designs that, after all, we all look for when we go shopping.

Influencer: Izaura Demari @voizaurademari Photos: Marcio Demari Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24

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