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20 Dec

Fashion quiz with CHIARA BONI

One of our much loved Italian fashion designers, Chiara Boni, takes the FM24 quiz for the passionate community of fashion lovers. Attending Chiara’s show in New York last February for her collection “La Petite Robe” made us discover a vision of feminity, elegance and pure Italian class.

Let’s get to meet Chiara and understand more of her creativity fuel.

Fashion Magazine 24: Hello Chiara! We finally get to “sit for a quick chat” with you! FM24 is happy for that and we are sure our readers will be happy too..

Chiara Boni: Hello everybody! It is great to meet you, take your fashion quiz and e-meet the community of fashion lovers on this occassion! Let’s do this!

1.FM24: Yes, let’s do this! First, if you’d have to describe yourself in one word, what would it be…?

Chiara: Oh, i would say “dreamer” ! This is the word that best describes my inner self. All my actions start from big dreams i wanted to materialize.

2.FM24: Your definition of “fashion”  is…?

Chiara: Fashion for me is a mirror of the people and the society we live in. Each culture and economical change in the world had impacted the fashion sector. All fashion trends had been reflections of the events we experience day by day.

So my best definition of fashion is “challenge”. It is indeed truly challenging to transpose what people feel, think, act in clothes collections and also keep being unique as a designer.

3.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your “MUST” item are ..?

Chiara: I cannot pick one city to describe it as the most fashionable. I would have to go with a country. For me the most fashionable country is Italy.

And i am not being subjective by picking it just because i am Italian. I truly do feel that Italy is like an immense catwalk where each person on the street loves to dress up and create really beautiful trendy and elegant combos. Italy itself is pure beauty.

Regarding my favourite style i would have to say it is being classy and conscious. Classy is never out of style and being conscious is what we so much need nowadays to keep our planet healthy.

My must-have item i cannot stay without is actually an entire comfy look. As much as beautiful and outfit should be, it must make you feel good, easy and relaxed in it.

4.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be …? 

Chiara: We all need … a greener world. You could say this relates to a general wish, not just to fashion. But a greener world is the good consequence of healthy habits, consciousness, sustainability and quality over quantity. So to sum, me, Chiara Boni, the Italian “Dreamer” who loves fashion…truly wishes for a much greener world.

5.FM24: A greener world is what we should aim for for a good future.Thank you, Chiara, a real pleasure to talk to you and share your personal insights about all these topics!

Chiara: I loved taking your quiz, raise awareness and inspire people a little more. Can’t wait for a better, greener and more joyful and fashionable 2021…and for the next quiz with FM24!

Photo from the SS21 Chiara Boni show

Credits: Chiara Boni @_chiara_boni_ Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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