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26 Jun

Interview with artist Victoria Jenkins

Interview with illustrator artist based in London – Victoria Jenkins –

FM24: Hello, Victoria! Your talent is amazing, we love your focus on fashion and especially on ‘ haute – couture ‘. Cannot wait to hear your views about it!

Victoria: I love fashion and art and would be more than thrilled to have a lovely chat about it. Many thanks for thinking of me!

1. Fashion Magazine 24: One word about yourself would be…?

Victoria Jenkins: Creative. 

2. Fashion Magazine 24: Your definition of “fashion”  is…?

Victoria Jenkins: An expression of self. Weather wearing fashion, or illustrating, or designing fashion. Every aspect is an expression of that individual style. Personal to them.

3. Fashion Magazine 24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your “MUST” item are ..?

Victoria: Fashionable city is Paris. There’s something incredibly romantic and stylish about this city. My fav style is natural tones and simple styles, so the complete opposite to my art style of very couture and vintage. Must have items: sunglasses. 

4. Fashion Magazine 24. Your wish for the future of the fashion world? 

Victoria: More freedom of expression for designers. Less about what the world expects and more about a pure joy of designing and creating regardless of critical opinions.  

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