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28 Aug

Interview with Charlotte Starren

Interview with Charlotte Starren, top model working internationally since 14 years old.

Hello, Charlotte! Welcome to our ‘fashionistas’ world. FM24 is happy to exchange ideas with you about our beloved fashion world.

Charlotte Starren: I am delighted to be contacted by your magazine and get the opportunity to become a part of FM24 commmunity. I love talking about fashion considering it has been a consistent part of my life since 14 years old when i took part in the Elite Model Look Competition.Starting then, i have been strongly connected to fashion travelling as a model all over the world.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: That is great, Charlotte! If you would describe yourself in one word, that word would be…

Charlotte: Passionate ! I put a lot of passion in everything that i choose to do.Like this i can do it very very well.

2. Fashion Magazine 24: Your definition of fashion is … ?

Charlotte: I believe fashion is somehow like a visit card … It is a way to express your personality by style mixed with trends that come and go.

3. Fashion Magazine 24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘MUST’ have item are….?

Charlotte: I love London and Los Angeles. Personally these are my two favourite fashionable places to be at the moment. Regarding my style i would describe it as classic! I love simplicity, dresses, and every item that expresses femininity. So my must have piece is still a 2.55 black Chanel handbag i bought 10 years ago and am still in love with …

4.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be … ?

Charlotte: My wish for the fashion industry is embracing diversity! Nowadays the media is contributing a lot to the fashion diversity and day by day women from diverse backgrounds are welcomed to the industry expanding the notion of beauty!

FM24: Thank you, Charlotte! We also love the beauty of diversity and hope to see it more and more in the fashion world!

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