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29 May

Interview with fashion blogger Renata Jazdzyk

Interview with Renata Jazdzyk, influencer running Ven’s Wife Style blog.

Hello, Renata ! Welcome to the FM24 fashion universe. Our publication has spotted your work , therefore your opinion can play an important role in the worldwide fashion community. Please, feel free to share your views.

Renata: I am very delighted to express my feelings and answer your fashion quiz.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: One word about yourself would be…

Renata: Curious…about world, life and fashion…

2.Fashion Magazine 24: Your definition of ‘fashion’ is …?

Renata: For me fashion is having fun regardless of our age! It’s all about recent trends, mixing them, creating a new image and reinventing yourself.

3.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘must-have’ item are…?

Renata: Here i will have to pick two cities because i cannot prefer one over another! They are Paris and Milan, i adore them both! My favourite brands i would shop non-stop from are Jacquemus, Max Mara, Burberry, Prada, Balenciaga, Toteme…And the ‘must-have’ items there would be …. (i might sound greedy)…..any piece created by them !!

4.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be….?

Renata: I wish the fashion world would be more open to mature ladies and gentlemen! I honestly believe that we don’t disappear when we get older. On the contrary, we have tried a lot of different trends and styles over the course of our lives and we have a lot of experience. And we can use this experience to be absolutely fabulous !! Furthermore, as I think it’s probably more relatable to try certain trends once you saw them worn by someone of a similar age to you, I want to be a confidence booster and start inspiring women of my generation through the power of example !!

5. FM24: That is true, Renata. Fashion has no age and should be equally enjoyed, expressed and worn by everybody no matter the diversity ! Art itself has no age, gender, race, etc. and fashion is so much about that in its essence! Thank you for stating that and for inspiring others .

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