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19 Mar

Interview with fashion illustrator Aldo Sachetti

Interview with Aldo Sachetti , Italian illustrator and fashion designer.

Hi, Aldo!

1.FM24 is glad to have this chat with you and learn more about your talent and passion.Please, tell us a little bit about yourself and your relation to art and fashion.
Aldo Sachetti: I am an Italian illustrator. I studied Haute Couture in a Fashion Academy in Rome.

Aldo Sachetti

Now I’m working for brands like Fendi and Bulgari. I see myself like an artist more than a designer. 

2. FM24: What is your definition of fashion?

Aldo: I think fashion and art are strictly connected, and all I love about Fashion is that part that is more art and less fashion.

3. FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘MUST-HAVE’ item are…?

Aldo: Most fashionable city is Paris for sure, I have a big connection with it. The best style to be seen in life, creations and everything has to include the ‘bon-ton’ with a spice of irony.

The designers I admire are Alessandro Michele for the amazing work he is doing in Gucci, I loved so much Alber Elbaz at the time of Lanvin  and talking more soberly, Prada is the queen.I recently discovered a designer called Ryan Lo, I see myself very much in it and I’m adoring it so much !

4. FM24: Your wish for the fashion world would be….

Aldo: My desire for the fashion’s future would be more collabs with little artists (they have very much to show and so much color to give to the fashion world)…

5.FM24: Thank you so much,Aldo, for sharing with our audience your great views! We do agree little artists are a source of inspiration and we intend to bring them to the public eye aswell.

Aldo Sachetti: Thank you, also! It has been a real pleasure to share my ideas and illustrations with you!

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