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30 Jun

Interview with designer KENT STETSON

Today we are going to uncover another fascinating story of talented American designer, Kent Stetson. Dedicated to creating handbags with artistic drawings, nowadays the designer is selling his items all over the world and many public persons and celebrities have become Kent’s clients. Let’s see his story and fashion views.

Fashion Magazine 24: Hello Kent! To skip the long introduction, you already know that FM24 is a fan of your designs so we cannot wait to hear more about your opinions regarding fashion.

Kent Stetson: Hello FM24! I am more than delighted to let people know more about my story and answer your questions.

1.FM24: Tell us a bit about your start in fashion …

Kent Stetson: In 2003 I began cutting up my vibrant abstract digital prints and fashioning them into handbags.  A boldly-printed crossbody envelope clutch style forms the backbone of my collection, which radiates out to one-of-a-kind pieces that combine materials in unexpected but harmonious ways.  In my commercial work I exclusively make handbags, and everything is handmade in my studio in Rhode Island. 

A bag was originally a framing device – a way for me to package my art in a way that made them more interactive and engaging than simply hanging on the wall.  I have collectors and celebrity clients all over the world, and I sell through several hundred independent boutiques. Historically I have done a lot of in-store appearances, pop-up shops, and trunk shows, but in pandemic times my work is predominantly online at kentstetson.com.

2.FM24: One word about yourself would be …?

Kent:  Consistent

3.FM24: Your definition of fashion is … ?

Kent:  Fashion consists of the cultural, expressive, and exploratory aspects of covering and protecting both the body and the items one carries with them.

4.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your “MUST-HAVE” item are …?

Kent:  The specificity, vibrancy, and historical significance of indigenous clothing and accessories makes Cusco, Peru my pick for most fashionable city. 

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is a brilliant apparel designer and I revere the depth, elegance, humor, and artistry in his work.The “must-have” item would definitely be finding your own signature eyewear – I don’t think there is any stronger way to leave a memorable impression than the right frames.

5.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be …?

Kent: In much the way that farm-to-table revolutionized culinary trends a decade ago, I would like to think that accountability will become something that consumers value as inseparable from design – knowing where something comes from and that it is made with integrity and conscience should be more desirable than a brand name label.  

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