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4 Jan

Irina Nicolae, Romanian Top Model

Interview with Irina Nicolae, Romanian Top Model working internationally since 2009.

Hi, Irina !
We are glad to have you here. As you have been surrounded by fashion for so long, we’d love to ask you a few questions related to this amazing field.
Irina: Sure, as I love this business I would be delighted to answer your questions.

FM24: One word about yourself would be….
Irina Nicolae: Ambitious !

FM24: Your definition of fashion is…?
Irina N. : Self – confidence.

FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘MUST’ have item are…?
Irina N. : I love Milan and my favourite brands are Isabel Marrant and Valentino

FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be ..?
Irina N.: The answer is simple: ‘ Happiness in your own skin ‘

FM24: Great, Irina !Thank you for your time for sharing your vision with us and our readers !

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