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1 May

Let’s chat with Agatha!

Interview with Agatha Maksimova for Fashion Magazine 24

Meeting artists and talents is definetely one of our “talents” and letting our readers know them is definetely an accomplishment for FM24.

The much beloved days spent at the last Paris Fashion Week were a source of inspiration in expanding the FM24 network. And meeting Agatha Maksimova during the fashion shows was another lovely experience we are happy to share with our community.

Agatha Maksimova is a Russian-French actress, top-model, entrepreneur, author, beauty pageant titleholder, ambassador of WWF and animal rights activist.

Agatha was born in Moscow on June 23, 1993. As a child, she was engaged in classical dance, horse riding and also professionally engaged in figure skating, she was a member of the Russian national teams of ballet on ice and synchronized figure skating. At the age of 15, she was scouted by US modeling agency, then she started working as a model abroad and moved to France at the age of 18. For many years actress has been an ambassador of WWF, and also helps shelters, associations and foundations. At the age of 19, she founded her own modeling agency, which is currently one of the world’s leading models and scouting agencies.

Agatha has been the face of such brands as Christian Louboutin, Garnier, L’Oréal Paris, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kérastase, Christophe Guillarmé, Lanvin Paris and many others, she has repeatedly appeared on the covers and pages of magazines such as ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Vogue, etc.

In 2018, she won the title of Miss Europe France and represented France at the Miss Europe pageant, where she became a 2nd Runner-Up Miss Europe. Later, Agatha was elected as Miss Intercontinental France and represented France at one of the most prestigious Miss Intercontinental beauty pageants in the Philippines, where she reached the final.

Since 2019, Agatha has managed to play dozens of major and minor roles. In 2019, she played the main role in the film “Je ne reviendrai pas” about domestic violence, in 2020, together with Maxance Dane-Fauvel, she played one of the iconic roles in The House of Gaunt – the prequel of the Harry Potter film series, made by Grimaud Production and Le Sous-Marin Productions. Agatha is a regular guest of prestigious international film festivals (Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and many others).

Since 2021, Agatha is in the process of launching her own one & only olfactive jewelry brand.

Let’s chat with Agatha!

1.Fashion Magazine 24: Hello Agatha! Fashion Weeks are always a source of lovely surprises. We are happy to have met you in Paris and delighted to have this chat with you!

Agatha Maksimova: Hello everybody! It is great to meet your magazine, take your fashion quiz and e-meet the FM24 community of fashion lovers on this occassion.

2. FM24: So let’s start … One word about yourself would be…?

Agatha: I am unstoppable. My desire to accomplish my dreams is an infinite fuel for me to evolve and grow continuously.

3. FM24: What is your definition of “fashion”…?

Agatha: Actually everyone has their own answer to this question and its what I love the most about fashion – there isn’t just one meaning for everyone. Fashion is absolutely fluid and that’s what makes it so special! For me fashion is about timeless, comfortable and simple beauty.

4. FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favorite style/brand and your “MUST” item are..?

Agatha: The city of fashion is Paris. Fashion is literally written in the city DNA. My favourite style is stylish minimalism: a fusion of classic style, urban chic and feminine lingerie style. And the “must” item for are is a pair of perfect jeans. Jeans are a key clothing element which goes well in any combo and to have the perfect pair makes your dressing lucky and complete.

5. FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be…?

Agatha: I am an advocate for individuality – just let the definition of fashion be unique for each and every one of you.

6.FM24: We promise we will do that! It is a great piece of advice considering fashion started in history from the expression of self individuality itself. It is a pleasure to meet ambitious and talented people like you who can inspire others to push their limits and achieve everything they set their mind to.

Agatha: It is a pleasure for me to meet all of you aswell and empower your readers through a little “piece of good advice” spread by the “word of mouth”. I love chatting with you so let’s do this more often. We all need it!

Interview by: Fashion Magazine 24 FM24 PR & Representative: Olga Gasnier

Stay tuned for more interviews on FM24!

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