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11 Mar

Let’s chat with Salomé Chaboki

Interview for Fashion Magazine 24

Every Fashion Week has a story …. the story of bringing fashionistas from all over the world into one place to enjoy wonderful times and create beautiful connections during the fashion events.

This March season of the big 4 Fashion Weeks made no exception from the rule as our magazine’s team met creative people who make our lives more beautiful with their social media content about fashion, beauty, art, travel, lifestyle and not only.

Today we want to chat with fashion stylist and marketing manager Salomé Chaboki from Düsseldorf, Germany.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: Hello Salomé! We are happy to have met you at the Dior fashion show in Paris! You caught our attention with your fresh spirit and sense of fashion…but before staring our FM24 quiz, let’s get to know you first. Who is Salome? We want to hear your story in your own words first…

Salomé Chaboki: Hello Fashion Magazine 24 and hello to all your fans! Indeed this Paris Fashion Week came with lots of surprises, it was like fresh air after such a long time when people were kept apart from getting together.

I am happy to meet you all and take part in your interview.

In July 2019 I started with my fashion and style blog SALOCCI.COM and started a close collaboration with creative minds, photographers, designers and magazines. Since then, I visit regularly fashion weeks and events in Germany and Paris.

I believe in the power of fashion and see styling as the true language of fashion. This is exactly where I saw myself. That’s why I attended the Fashion Academy AMD Düsseldorf and successfully completed my training as a fashion stylist in December 2019.

I now specialize primarily in editorial styling and I am fortunate to work closely alongside fashion photographers, models and designers. I continue to advise fashion designers and companies on live communication and staging. Thanks to my experience in personal branding and marketing I voluntary support up-and-coming designers and models in their careers. In addition, I organize fashion shows, model castings and networking events.

As a blogger I attend events and get photographed for fashion labels and especially couture fashion. I strive for individuality and uniqueness, that’s why I see (haute) couture as true fashion.

After such a long covid pandemic I am very pleased that physical shows are taking place again. Even if the digital world is now indispensable media, the face-to-face meeting and sensing is still very important in creative industries, and this also applies to the fashion industry in particular.

What amazes me and makes me happy in the current fashion world is that the importance of diversity and individuality is increasing more and more. I have dreamed of such a world all my life: colorful and special. This way of thinking has a very strong effect on the rest of society. Fashion is a silent language that can speak for many things without speaking.

2. FM24: You are impressive, Salomé! So would this be your definition…colourful and special?

Salomé: It could be one of them…but if you asked it, my answer is: Chapeau Girl 🙂

3.FM24: …. and your brief defintion of fashion would be …

Salomé: Well…Fashion is my life. And fashion styling is the expression of that.

4.FM24: If you’d have to pick a city as the most fashionable for you which one would it be? What about your favourite style/brand?

Salomé: Mother of all fashion cities is still Paris.

My prophet in the fashion world will forever remain Karl Lagerfeld. Me personally love a style mix of Chanel, Saint Laurant, Miu Miu and Schiaparelli.

My “motto” is: “Stay girly but unique, confident and strong.”

5.FM24: And to end just one of the many interviews and encounters we hope to have with you from now on we have a question we love to address to everybody involved in the industry. What is your wish for the future of the fashion world?

Salomé: Preserving traditions is always an important part of any institution that you run. The true values that made fashion back then should not be lost. More individuality and creativity than mass production.

6.FM24: Dear Salomé, you inspire people with your work and you continue to inspire them through your story and personal insights shared during this interview. It is a pleasure to get to know your better and let your uniqueness shine.Thank you for taking part in our quiz. To many more from now,on!

Salomé: Thank you for the chat, FM24! Can’t wait for the next fashion events and interviews with you!Let us all make the world (and fashion)…a better place (and a better industry)!

Big hugs to you all!

Fashion stylist: Salomé Chaboki Article by: Fashion Magazine 24 Photos by: Christina Henningstad @christina_henningstad

Stay tuned for more interviews!

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