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14 Jan

Nicole Popova, International Model

Interview with Nicole Popova , international model from Czech Republic.

Hi, Nicole  !

As you could already see, we are constantly looking for people’s views regarding fashion business! Cannot wait to see your perspective also !

Nicole Popova : I’ll do my best to share my opinion and answer all your questions !

1. Fashion Magazine 24: One word about yourself would be….

Nicole : I am a very ambitious person !

2. Fashion Magazine 24: Your definition of fashion is…?

Nicole Popova : Fashion is the latest style of clothing , behavior, an expression and of course, Art!

3. Fashion Magazine 24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your ‘MUST’ have item are…?

Nicole : My favourite city for fashion is Paris, my favourite brand is Christian Dior  and my must-have items are accessories …because even with a very relaxed and casual outfit  you can make your look pop only by adding one cool accessory !

4. FM 24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be … ?

Nicole Popova  : In the future I hope that designers that choose to work with a brand, have the same sense of style like the founder of the brand.

For example, Gabrielle Chanel had a humble and elegant style. She was always so tired of exaggerated dresses with feathers and gems and basically this is what made her brand so unique at the time. She wanted more to enhance the beauty of the person by elegant and simple clothes instead of hiding it underneath exaggerated and eye-catching clothes.

I really do believe that the designers that take over the brand should respect that and continue what the creator started.

5. FM 24: Very original views, Nicole ! Thank you for sharing them with the fashion world.

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