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19 Jun


A constant presence during the Fashion Weeks, an eye for beauty and fashion, photographer Christina Henningstad is here with us today for a quick chat about present and future fashion trends.

1.Fashion Magazine 24: Hello Christina! As a partner of our publication and photographer who is always keeping the pace with the latest fashion events all the time, we are happy you can take some time and share some “fashionable” thoughts with us.

Christina V Henningstad: Hello FM24! I am excited to answer the questions from your fashion “quiz challenge”. It is my favourite domain and i am always happy to share my thoughts about it.

2.Fashion Magazine M24: One word about yourself would be…?

Christina V Henningstad: Passionate. I think this word will fit the best to describe myself. I am passionate about my work and I love what I do. I also constantly set goals for myself. It helps me to strive forward. I’m always looking for an opportunity to do things better and achieve better results.

3.FM24: Your definition of “fashion” is…..?

CVH: For me “Fashion” is an instant language.A very special language understandable by everyone. This magic language helps you to present yourself to the world without saying a word. Fashion can help you to broadcast a message that can reach anywhere on Earth.

4.FM24: Most fashionable city for you, favourite style/brand and your “MUST” item are…?

CVH: This is a very difficult question! But if I have to select only one city it will be Paris. For me Paris is the most elegant and stylish city in the world.
Regarding my favourite style – it is definitely a sportswear, business casual and vintage. I like comfortable clothes.

And about my beloved brands… well…there are many. From the last Paris Fashion Week my favourites are Dawei, Tatras, Kristina Fidelskaya, Ujoh and Alianna Liu.
My “MUST” have item is a pair of very comfortable sneakers. I have plenty of them and one pair is always missing.

5.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be…?

CVH: I definitely support the brands who are helping to increase circularity in the world of fashion and which are against child labour. I hope there will be more brands in the nearest future who will slow down the production and will focus on how to deliver long-lasting and high-quality clothes. I also hope there will be more cruelty-free, eco and vegan-friendly brands.

And I cross my fingers and hope the traditional physical fashion weeks with the guest lists will come back. There is such a special atmosphere on fashion weeks no great digital event can replace.

Like many others fashion week fanatics, i am always looking forward to visiting the next shows. But we should be ready for the changes. Maybe more and more designers like Saint Laurent will make their own show calendars or select unusual locations. For example, the Jacquemus fashion show took place in a lavender field. Probably men and women fashion weeks will be united. We will see.

6.FM24: That is true, Christina. The ambiance from the fashion weeks is irreplaceable and we all cannot wait to attend the next ones the soonest. Your views are important to us and the readers and sharing them with the fashion community is valuable.

CVH: Thank you so much for your interest! I am really flattered!

Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad Photographer – Olga Khlybova -Gasnier @aglography Makeup – Serguei Chatel @serguei_chatel Hair – Olga Bachuryna @olga_bachuryna

Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24
Photos: Christina V Henningstad

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