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MARIA BA at London Fashion Week 2019
Maria Ba - fashion brand from Barcelona at London Fashion Week
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EXPATS has premiered its S/S 2020 debut collection during the MBFW Russia ...
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Hello, Fashion Lovers !!

Welcome to Fashion Magazine 24, a brand new fashion journal dedicated to all people in love with beauty, fashion and …. showbusiness !

Who are we?

A team of enthusiasts who likes to sneak-peak and keep an eye on everything that is a treat for the eyes and … soul in the the same time. Our magazine aims to do not skip any expression of beauty and fashion and promises to bring most of it to your attention to the foremost !

What do we want?

We wish to motivate all people in fashion ( models, photographers, designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, show-business artists, actors, bloggers, influencers and content creators etc. ) to express freely and create amazing works in the form of editorial shootings , videos and beautiful photo sheets and forward it to us so that we make it an online fashion statement for everybody !

When do we do it?

Five words to sum it all up: “ Let’s get it started NOW ! ”

FashionMagazine24 team