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Discover 106 by BON PARFUMEUR
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14 Oct

Discover 106 by BON PARFUMEUR

Bon Parfumeur

There is no visit to Paris and no attendance to Paris Fashion Week without a visit to one of our favourite French perfume brands, Bon Parfumeur.

It is the FM24 lucky charm visit right before starting the fashion shows marathon always wearing their latest signature releases. This September Fashion Week edition was marked by the their last perfume launched at the end of August, number 106.

A charming, musky and feminine yet edgy rose is ready to be your most aromatic company all around the day and night. Good for the front row shows mood and for the after shows party ambiance. Rose, davana, and vanilla, a bewitching trio of ingredients. 99,97% ingredients of natural origin promise you audacity, innovation and to enliven your days (and your evenings).

Let’s make a mostly scentful incursion into 106 – A Damascena Rose, Davana & Vanilla,intoxicating and charming from the start, the Damascena rose radiates through the entire fragrance. Rose petals with a velvet touch, a musky vanilla fragrance, twisted with a hint of pink pepper.

“Our rose is upcycled. What does that mean ? First treated in the distillation process, the rose petal releases a fragrant essential oil. And since we don’t like to waste at Bon Parfumeur, the distillation waters which still contain olfactory molecules are used to produce a new rose scent!

After more manipulation of this water, the result is an innovative, natural product that is durable and smells as good as a freshly cut rose. A rose at the tip, with a fresher, greener body that is more crisp. It is called the Rose EssentialTM and its presence works to refine the absolute of the Damascena Rose in the creation.”

Head: Damascena rose, pink pepper, ambrette seed
Heart: davana, rose EssentialTM, papyrus
Base: vanilla, balsam of Peru, sandalwood

The creatot of 106, talented Caroline Dumur Caroline is an amazing and endearing young woman.

“My mother has always been a big fan of perfumes. She worked in publishing and bought a lot of books on perfume, its history, the profession of perfumery, the raw materials. I have this memory of a photo of a perfumer who is smelling civet, it marked me, it was a kind of trigger.”

An original way to land in the perfume universe! What we like about Caroline is that she conceals many secrets, mythical ingredients, atypical formulas. Curious by nature, her lively mind is in constant search, accumulating knowledge and know-how which she uses in her art.

Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24

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