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2 Dec

The world of ART BASEL MIAMI

Gal Yosef Art Basel

1st of December 2022, Miami, Florida – It’s Art Basel 2022 time in sunny Miami, the most waited and excited art event in the world! And what makes this year’s event even more special is the celebration of 20 years of Art Basel, an important milestone for the world of art.

Miami si humming of beauty, light projections with “20 years of Art Basel” appear everywhere around the city to mark and celebrate such a special moment.

Art lovers from all around the world did not miss the chance to take part at the “”Fashion Week of Art”, if we can put it this way and attend all events prepared by art galleries and artists for more days in a row.

One of the most well-known art galleries in the world, Eden Gallery with subisidiaries in all major cities of the world including Miami, have opened their doors aswell during the ongoing Art Basel to present each day one one artist represented by their gallery.

The 1st of December was dedicated to artist Gal Yosef whose works could have been admired by numerous guests like art lovers, influencers, bloggers, friends of the artist and media representatives. And as always, the Fashion Magazine 24 team was invited and took part at the event as a forever supporter of art around the world.

So, who is Gal Yosef? Passionate about 3D art and digital sculpting since he was 12 years old, Gal has dedicated his art to reimagining designs of well-loved cartoon characters.

Influenced by the work of Disney and Pixar, he eventually trained himself on programs like Cinema 4D and Maya. His personal art continues to evolve in the style of his latest pieces, depicting a darker, avant-garde version of an imagined cartooniverse with cartoon characters like Donald Duck, Woody, Spongebob, Popeye or the Tom & Jerry well-knwon duo.

We will present some of his art below, paintings which could be seen also in the Eden Miami Gallery. We did feel like stepping back to childhood times of Cartoon Network but with a strong touch of the 2022 digital era.

Enjoy Gal’s works and do not miss Eden gallery for more Art Basel events!

Article by: Fashion Magazine 24

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