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6 Jun

AI Fashionistas


Art has no limits and the newest FM24 featured ” AI Fashionistas “ editorial made by Rohit Verma in collaboration with AI is here to push the boundaries of beauty to a next level.

Having the human core creativity augumented by the perks of a good artificial intelligence “collaborator” machine is a thrilling and powerful phenomenon to watch and follow for the substantial benefits it can bring in the general work field.

Whilst there is an immense pros & cons debate thread nowadays over its use for the creativity and functionality boost in all work areas, we firmly believe it is only expanding the limits to everything that exists and we already know.

The “AI Fashionistas” editorial made by Rohit is here to make a statement in that sense.

Enjoy and let us know your opinions about it!

Article by: Fashion Magazine 24 Photos by Rohit Verma AI Assistant: MidJourney App

Stay tuned on FM24 for more surprising AI works soon!

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