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22 May

A DIOR Cruise to Mexico

Dior Cruise 2024

21st of May 2023, Mexico City – After a successful fashion incursion to Mumbai celebrating the Indian cultural heritage, it’s time for Dior to change continents and spread the wings to the inspirational traditions and craftmanship of Mexico with the Dior 2024 Cruise show by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

The collection pays a tribute to the legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The show took place at the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, which is where Kahlo studied, and where she met husband, Diego Rivera. The show was a love letter to both Kahlo’s work, to feminism and to Mexico more generally while the clothes remembered of specific pieces from Frida’s wardrobe – a pink dress that Kahlo wore in one of her self-portraits and other references to the way Kahlo played with gender boundaries.

All collection pieces respected the Dior house codes and looked to the brand’s archives for inspiration.Some of the pieces that founder Christian Dior had created referenced to his travels to Mexico. This included a moth motif which was taken from a sketch done by Andrée Brossin de Méré for one of Dior’s early collections.

It was all created with high dedication and respect to the indigenous communities of Mexico: the Nahua community of the Sierra Norte of Puebla, the Mazatec, Chinantec, Zapotec and Mixtec communities of Oaxaca and Tzotzil of Chipas.

Mexico is home to a rich tradition of craftsmanship and these communities are known for their exceptional skills in various craft forms. Therefore it is worth detailing some examples of traditional craftsmanship within these groups:

Nahua embroidery: Nahua artisans are skilled in intricate embroidery, often using colorful threads to create beautiful designs on clothing, such as huipils (blouses) and rebozos (shawls).

Mazatec weavers produce stunning textiles, including huipils, wrap-around skirts, and blankets, using backstrap looms. They incorporate vibrant colors and symbolic patterns into their designs.

Chinantec artisans excel in the art of basket weaving, creating baskets of various shapes and sizes using natural fibers like palm leaves. These baskets are both functional and decorative.

Zapotec weavers are renowned for their intricate and colorful rug weaving. They use traditional pedal looms to create Zapotec rugs known as “tapetes” or “alfombras,” which feature intricate geometric patterns and symbols.

Mixtec artisans are skilled in metalwork and jewelry-making. They create exquisite pieces using gold, silver, and other metals, often incorporating intricate filigree work, precious stones, and ancient symbols.

In Oaxaca and Chiapas, there are vibrant artisan markets and communities where these crafts can be appreciated and purchased. The craftsmanship of these indigenous groups reflects their cultural heritage, preserving traditional techniques and designs that have been passed down through generations.

And, as is always the case with the shows that Dior hosts in far-flung destinations, the team collaborated with local craftspeople and artisans, who helped to put together the collection.

The top casting show also saw a performance by Mexican feminist artist Elina Chauvet take place with a the front row featuring the likes of Naomi Watts, Emma Raducanu, Alicia Keys and Riley Keough.

Article by: Fashion Magazine 24

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