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11 Aug


It happened during Haute Couture Week in Paris on the 1st of July 2019. A fashion story to tell, stories of artists who joined their forces to make a statement about diversity, equality, strength, fears, passion and unity.

DT COUTURE – Social Slave Collection 
This collection is inspired by social media

STUDIO BOLDER – Life Under The Sea collection 
The forms and inspiration from this designs are based on this fabulous powerful part of the nature. 

ZAZAI Power collection 
“In my new collection I show the power of Afghan women, but also the darkness and hell on earth in which many of them still live today” Zazai. 

DAUVIA NIJENHUIS – Nontle collection 
African name’s collection means “Mother’s beauty” which is the greatest inspiration of the designer -it reminds of her own mother and the African beauty.  Nontle inspired by a woman who is both sophisticated and powerful.

ANNA – ELISE GHISLAINE – A Message from the Elder Brothers inspiration 
This collection is inspired by the Arhuaco tribe from Colombia with a contrast of the luxuries from the modern world.

DAVID PAULUS Pop-Art Fetish 
Dolls representing dreams, colorful cartoons, fantasy, passion, heaven, sophisticated fantasy on fire.

STUDIO MBK – All Kind of Beauties 
Presented a photo exhibition of Latin America and Caribbean people with traditional outfits of the area with a full feeling and identity.

Photographer: @marianacattoir @pariswalkersfrance 
Pariswalkers Fashion Times 

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