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3 Feb

Back to Art Deco – MARIA ARISTIDOU

January 2020, Paris – A throwback to the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century brought to present in the “Bold” Spring-Summer collection by Maria Aristidou.

Similar to the Art Deco phenomenon that brought a significant change in society reflected in all life aspects like designs, jewellery, furniture, art, etc. , the Maria Aristidou collection combines bold styles, rich materials with fine craftsmanship representing luxury, glamour and exuberance. 

Maria Aristidou’s BOLD collection, guided by the essence of shape to form clean, geometric designs with vivid colors and vibrant patterns using knit fabrics, is a challenge for both men and women to deviate from the norm, to be BOLD and dive into the fascinating abyss of Art Deco inspired shapes and colors of knit couture.

The magic of knitwear inspired the designer to first explore and then create, using luxurious threads, complex techniques and various knit patterns.The craftsmanship of detailed hand embroideries made in Cyprus adds to the uniqueness of Maria Aristidou’s fabric collections for the couture evening and accessories.

Copyright : Méphistophélès Productions Photo: Imaxtree & Méphistophélès Productions

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