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28 Jan

BLUE MARBLE at Paris Fashion Week

January 2020, Paris, France Blue Marble brand is heading its fashion vision and designs to the British culture.

The source of inspiration this time resides in the two sports that were born in the United Kingdom – football and golf. These two form two communities with opposite influences that inspire designer Anthony Alvarez and collide in the fall-winter 2020 collection, through a series of football shirts and exclusive typographic prints.

The collection from this season is also marked by the disruption of the upper-class English jockey-style wardrobe, jodhpurs pants, striped shirts and hunting jackets – whose aristocratic codes are twists of conceptual accents taken out of their original context to highlight their fashionable potential.

And the result is great. The aristocratic British dressing ellements,colours and patterns strike the contemporary style into a vibrant and eclectic Blue Marble collection.

Brand: Blue Marble. @bluemarbleparis
Show Management: Caroline Charlers and Matthieu Malbec from Caroline Charles Communication @carolinecharlescommunication
Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows
Photo Assistant: Serguei Chatel @serguei_chatel

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