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23 Mar


Paris is always a good idea … is not just a ‘cliché’ statement but a reality that always speaks for itself….also when you want to find the ultimate designs in garments and shoes.

The last fashion week was an amazing series of discoveries and another one of them was Merah Vodianova.

Merah, the designer of the brand, has started her company guided by the strong desire to start a shoes company defined by classic designs that never go out of style but with a slight touch of daring modernism.So in 2015 after graduating her BSc Business Degree in London she established the Merah Vodianova shoes brand.

During our visit to Merah’s showroom located in the heart of Paris, close to Champs-Elysees, we had the chance to take a close look to all the collection … and we could not get enough of it.

Merah Vodianova showroom during PFW2019

We can easily state that ‘Less is more’ is the motto that best describes the feeling we had while seeing the whole collection.Bold designs with minimal and clean lines are at the forefront at Merah Vodianova.

Explore Merah’s world of fantastic shoes in the pictures below and don’t miss the chance to enrich your wardrobe with them!

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