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26 Feb


25th of February 2020, Paris – Among the first shows from Paris Fashion Week, KIMHEKIM , is bringing on catwalk a lot of beautiful contrasts of life moments into his FW20 collection.

Kiminte, creative director of Kimhekim, has always drawn inspiration from his abstract emotional experiences and visualised the collections from materials around him.This season is inspired by the listening of the song ‘Amoureux Solitaires’ by Nouvelle Vague for the first time. As this song satisfied his thirst for life, this moment spurred a desire to imagine a gloomy yet romantic city where the KIMHEKIM girls stay dreamy and escape reality’s matters.

KIMHEKIM reflects modern society in the states of being such a joy and sorrow, harmoniously matched with last season’s experimental, exagerrated series such as ‘buy it if you can’ and daily items such as typical and very commercial denims and T-shirts. This FW20 collection shows his passion for hand-made techniques through the use of organza heart patches inspired by one of Andy Warhol’s drawings and heart-stamped denims.

‘Elegance is minimalism’ is perfect embodied in KIMHEKIM’s pearl buttons with authentic draped silhouettes. Moreover, still-treasured designs inspired by vintage daddy-style jackets or old-fashioned trench coats have been upgraded with new options.

KIMHEKIM refines Korean Chic by reviving his heritage ‘Hanbok’ aesthetic (Korean traditional costume). In this season, Kimhekim shows a new ‘Dopo’ from a collaboration with a Korean master craftsman. It shows delicate finishing skills as if exhibited at a palace museum in Seoul. On the other hand, ‘Jokori’ (traditional jacket) and ‘Chima’ (traditional skirt) are re-harmonized with the casual pieces of 2020. Traditional accessories such as ‘Busun’ (traditional socks) are also reinterpreted into a modern style, given variations on a composition using leather, fur and corduroy.

More interestingly, this FW20 collection introduces capsule jewelry and leather goods. Originally Kiminte believes that the mirror is a precious material, a perfect outlet that can be distinguished from others in Fashion. He thus began developing the design idea of earring, ring and bracelet with mirror pendant. The messenger bag and tiny triangle pouch bag were created with the target of carrying your own little planet with you.

Photo: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows & Serguei Chatel @serguei_chatel

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