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23 Aug

MARCHES by Oltre Frontiera

MARCHES by Oltre Frontiera

America is ever closer to the Marches, thanks to the ‘Oltre Frontiera’ project, wanted by the Region, in collaboration with the Ice-Agency, Svem and the Special Line-Company of the Chamber of Commerce of the Marches. From 24 to 27 July, six US influencers, with over 500,000 followers, will be based in the Marche region, visiting companies and territories, starting from the Conero, up to Villa Lattanzi in Fermo, where, in particular, corners dedicated to participating companies will be set up to the project, who will have the opportunity to exhibit the brand’s iconic products, to be conveyed through influencers. A journey to tell, built on the singularity of the Marches that shapes manufacturing and lifestyle.

The following will arrive in the Marche: Olga Ferrara300,000 followers; Ann Caruso, 67 thousand followers; Diego Dandy in the Bronx, socialized in men’s style, 47 thousand followers; Domenico Vacca, 60,000 followers, Eleonora Pieroni, ambassador of Made in Italy, Italian Culture and Roots Tourism in New York and the journalist Tijana Ibrahimovic, who in turn brings thousands more followers. The project also envisages the participation of eight suitably selected companies at Project/Magic in Las Vegas, from 7 to 9 August: an event recognized as the most important fashion event in the United States, to allow direct contact with the operators of the American market fashion. A participation made in collaboration with the ICE of New York.

“The US market is certainly an interesting market, with enormous potential for development but complex and diversified. This is why the Marche Region wanted to structure an articulated and systemic project to approach the American market”, explains the regional councilor for Productive Activities and Internationalisation, Andrea Maria Antonini. 

“A project that saw us organise, in the spring, some information/training webinars, in June a sector study and personalized meetings proposed to companies, and now also the involvement of influencers because we are convinced that social media today are essential for communicate a message quickly, directly, create interest, make yourself known to a much wider audience.

“We know the potential of a market which, in terms of fashion, whether it’s leather, footwear or hats, imports almost everything. But we also know that it is a complex reality, with great differences within it. No one wants to leave just to do something; whoever crosses the ocean must have the appropriate internal structure and support”, continues councilor Antonini, recalling that “the Marche Region has allocated 220 thousand euros for the realization of the project”.

The collaboration with all the institutional subjects of the territory was very important for its success. In the first place of the in-house institution of the Marche Region: Svem. 

“A multi-stage US market entry plan. After the first step, i.e. the study of companies from the Marches interested in working with the United States, the information seminars and the study of the American market, here is another action: the visit of American influencers to the Marches. A way to show, as well as test, the quality of our made in Marche and the places where it is made”, explains Andrea Sartori, president of Svem.

In the plan prepared with the Region and the Chamber of Commerce of the Marches, which made the special company Linea available, led by the president Francesca Orlandi, there will then be a third step, which is participation in the leather and footwear sector fairs in America, starting precisely with that of Las Vegas.

“The diversification of the sales markets is essential for companies and the excellent results of the performance of the US market have prompted us to organize targeted and articulated projects with multiple initiatives – highlights the president of Linea, Francesca Orlandi – The arrival of the group of influencer makes available to the companies participating in the project, a new communication and promotion tool: it is an opportunity for a social narration of the Made in Marche that will use the products of the fashion and footwear sectors to tell the quality and history of the companies, all combined with the extraordinary hospitality of the area. Beauties not only in the products that will be touched by hand, but also the many natural beauties of the area that will be photographed during the incoming”.

Stay tuned on FM24 for more news!

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