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18 Feb


7th of February 2020, New York – Oxford Fashion Studio brings 10 global designers to NYFW 2020 at the well-known Pier 59 Studios. The collections ranged from traditional womenswear and gender neutral apparel to jewelry and accessories, and a red-carpet ready plus size collection, offering truly something for everyone and every occasion.

The goal for the fashion group is to highlight independent fashion designers from all over the world, giving them a platform to showcase their work. Oxford Fashion Studio has worked with nearly 700 designers, from over 70 different countries, over the past 10 years. This year, the designers showcased their work to a full-house on the NYFW runway. You can learn more at Oxfordfashionstudio.com.

NA YEONG BAEK www.nayeongbaek.com | @nayeongbaek

MANISHII www.manishii.com | @manishii_official

MATT SARAFA www.mattsarafa.com | @mattsarafa

SAMANTHA DARRYANTO  www.samanthadarryanto.com | @samanthadarryanto

MAYAN THE LABEL www.mayanthelabel.com | @mayanthelabel

RENE’ TYLER www.renetyler.com | @renetylerplussize

POLI & JO www.poliandjo.com | @poliandjo

NadineByNadia  www.nadinebynadia.com |  @nadine.by.nadia

MVR  www.mvrdesign.com | @mvrdesign.mx

CHRISTY + YOU www.christyplusyou.com | @christyplusyou

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