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9 Mar

Paris Fashion Air wins PFW

Paris Fashion Air

March 2024, Paris, France – Under a cloud, rainy and beautiful Paris with few rays of sun on the sky this time, the Paris Fashion Week 2024 Spring edition is rolling successfully and colourfully all around the city with an incontestable vibe as it always did … And March debuted with the series of shows by Paris Fashion Air showcasing the FW24/25 collection at Maison de L’amérique Latine, which dazzled attendees with a series of sensational shows from renowned A-list designers.

The event witnessed outstanding presentations by Rubin Singer, Temraza, Phan Huy, Vitor Zerbinato, Laith Maalouf, and Veronika Jeanvie.

Vitor Zerbinato commenced the runway on the first day with his Madame X collection, marking the 30th anniversary of his first brand. Madame X resonates with the essence of sensuality, drama, and strength, showcasing the iconic elements that have defined Zerbinato’s creations throughout the years. Corseted waists, fur textures, and lush lengths reaffirm the brand’s enduring elegance since the Madame X era..

Laith Maalouf captivated the audience with his Goddess-Inspired Collection, Amora: A Symphony of Structure and Fluidity. This collection seamlessly combines structured designs with fluidity, drawing inspiration from the graceful curves immortalized in Renaissance statues. Each dress is a masterpiece, blending figure-hugging structures, ethereal drapery, and opulent golden embellishments, embodying the essence of the goddess Amora.

Phan Huy mesmerized the audience with his “Lost in Cavern” collection, drawing inspiration from the stunning caves in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. The show, enhanced by the presence of super star actress and influencer Heart Evangelista, opened with a captivating display of Huy’s designs. The collection, inspired by the breathtaking beauty found within the caves, featured draping shapes, vivid 3D details, and crystal bead embellishments. Paying homage to Vietnam’s magnificent landscapes, the designs showcased the natural wonders discovered during Huy’s exploration of the caves. The cut lines, curvy and rounded like bumpy mountains, incorporated outstanding appliqué techniques, creating a truly magical and enchanting scene. Phan Huy, cherishing the introduction of Vietnam’s spectacular landscapes to the world, left an indelible mark on the Paris Fashion Air runway.

On March 3rd, Farida Temraza unveiled her unique pieces from THE TEM WORLD collection, symbolizing a fresh chapter and a celebration of femininity. This once-in-a-lifetime showcase, held at Temraza’s new headquarters, reintroduced the brand’s most iconic fabrics to the runway, featuring flattering silhouettes, intricate patterns, and a bold color palette.

Rubin Singer delved into the works of German artist Hans Bellmer and surrealistic photography, creating a visually provocative yet conceptually disturbing collection. Exploring the strange beauty of broken and forgotten dolls from bygone eras, Singer’s collection captivated audiences with its elegant composition and artistic depth.

Veronika Jeanvie closed the second day with her Bridal Capsule Collection, a poignant reflection of changing times and enduring love. Inspired by the landscapes of Paris, the collection captures the pure emotions reminiscent of a bride’s journey. Partnering with the Ballet Support Foundation, the event featured a breathtaking performance by Vienna State Ballet’s prima ballerina, Liudmila Konovalova.

The event also showcased collections from Belarusian brands MININA and KOD, along with Gio Dress from the UAE. Over 3000 attendees explored the Maison de l’Amerique Latine, enjoying runway shows and showrooms featuring brands such as Roseline Rose, Soulfid Crystals, Minina, Hanna Stu, Lilia Fisher, Zarmilkals, and Kel.Paris Fashion Air also featured the artworks and photography of talented artists, including Ksenia Chip, Katja Mangold, Victoria Su, Maschal Khanzai, Palina Adriana, Morgan Turner, Jenya Barrat, Vicky-May Giraud, and Kamanda2nis.Official Partners: Aston Martin Paris, Ballet Support Foundation, Hismile

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