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7 Jun

Power of DHANIR

Another quick throwback to the fashion weeks earlier this year is writing a file in our publication.

This time the attention is dedicated to Dhanir, one of the brands that has showcased its collection during the Flying Solo shows from New York at Pier 59 Studios.

What is the definition of Dhanir? Dhanir is wealth.

Dhanir is for the individual that not only acquired financial success but also developed the state of mind to remain in such a way. The brand targets those who did not accept failure in the face of adversity. It represents the ones who learned from their mistakes, returned to the game and persevered to reach their desires.

Regardless of gender and race, Dhanir designs are directed toward high-end luxury consumers, both men and women. For many years to come, the Dhanir clothing will be for the high-end consumer who has achieved success, obtained great knowledge, and adopted a state of mind that will resonate for generations to come.

Brand: Dhanir www.dhanirfashion.com @dhanir_ Creative director: Wayne Turner Press team: Flying Solo @flyingsolonyc

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