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19 Jul

“Rendez-Vous” in Paris

July 2020 – Paris, the capital of fashion has reunited designers again during the Couture Digital Fashion Week to showcase their newest pieces in fashion. While most of the designers preferred to present their collections only digitally due to the restrictions nowadays, others managed to organize shows with a limited number of people in the public.

It was the case of the three designers X-Clusive Atelier, Mise A Nu Lingerie and Juris Design which presented their latest collections in the framework of Rendez-Vous event in Paris, in front of a limited public of friends and fans. To everybody’s delight, the designs ranged from summerish lingerie with a glamorous twist from Mise A Nu, to elegant, party dresses from Juris Design destined to young leggy girls and women confident in their looks, and last but not least, glamorous gowns with a touch of avant-garde from X-Clusive Atelier.

We cannot wait for the next surprises and shows from the three designers and not only!

Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad
Shows Management: Culture Mode @culturemode
Photo Assistant: Elena Karamouchkina @tionne_ek

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