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25 Feb


SIMON MO AW19 COLLECTION takes inspiration from the UN Environmental Programme, encouraging awareness on personal consumption and Implementing a rapid change, reporting high dependence of drugs, and self-prescribed pharmaceutics.

“On the other side of the Atlantic, scientists in the UK have found powerful cancer and psychiatric drugs in British rivers, including antidepressants, antibiotics, and epilepsy medications.” Paul Anthony Taylor.

Pharmaceutical pollution affects environments on a global scale; increasing many existing dangers from food chains to water supplies.

Medicine, or Poison? The sole purpose of Medicine, to cure diseases, has become so blurred in the modern world, supplements are being used to alter appearance, achieve euphoria, stay awake, go to sleep, gain something, lose something; ignoring its initial genesis.

Solution over prevention
Instead of using natural ingredients to build up health, we self-medicate when we fall unwell.

The drugs designed to heal us, are quickly overpopulating, while slowly decreasing our overall well-being.

The Korean designer has been captivated by the historical development of medicine since adolescence. Deeply engrossed in the mysterious culture of witchcraft, old western pharmacy, and the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung, who tested hundreds of plants to prevent one of his subjects consuming a dangerous herb.

The collection emphasises the chemistry of life and medicine.
Mo maintains his signature, smart-casual style; introducing a rendition to his popular plaid-patterns. With elements of 60’s style and elegance; details of oversized buttons and pockets piece together contemporary textures and silhouettes. Asymmetrical hemlines on relaxed jackets and statement dresses, combine splashes of deep red, orange and blue to herald Autumn/Winter 2019 !

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