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11 May

Puerto Rico vibes in Paris – MIRIAM BUDET

28th of February 2020, ParisMiriam Budet, a great fashion designer who always brings lovely surprises during the Fashion Week Studio shows from the Ritz hotel!

Committed to the nowadays trends for womenswear but always adding a bit amount of artisanal edgy details, Miriam Budet brings the Caribbean flare on the catwalk in a very natural and fashionable style. Working alongside her husband, graphic designer David Mercado, and her three sons in the amazing family business, Miriam transformed the brand in one of the most recognized from Puerto Rico and one which has a lot to tell on the international fashion market.

Brand: Miriam Budet @miriambudetatelier Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows Photo Assistant: Serguei Chatel @serguei_chatel

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