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‘Life is better at the beach’ by Luana Seu
'Life is better at the beach' by Luana Seu ...
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3 Jun

‘Life is better at the beach’ by Luana Seu

“Life is a better at the beach” – Whoever made this statement was absolutely right. The beautiful scenery offered by the oceans and beaches is boosting the energy and imagination levels for art and photography lovers.

As she got her fans used, actress and model Luana Seu organised one more time for FM24 a beautiful artistic self photoshooting made on the heavenly beaches of Florida. And the summer has just begun….Luana we cannot wait for your next editorial works!

CREDITS: Model: Luana Seu www.luanaseu.com Photo & Edit: Luana Seu  Agency: Etoiles Models www.etoiles.ro

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